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Dental Technology

At Clayton Park Dental, the technology we use, including digital X-rays and dental lasers, helps us provide comprehensive dental care to our patients.

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Dental Technology, Halifax Dentist

Monitoring Your Dental Health

The technology we use at Clayton Park Dental helps inform treatment planning and makes your dental appointments run smoothly.

Our treatment rooms feature monitors where we display digital X-rays and scans, enabling us to visually explain your oral health issues and guide you through your treatment plan. 

With the help of dental technology, we can diagnose and treat dental problems at an early stage, preventing them from becoming more serious. Our goal is to provide patients with dental care while making sure they are fully informed about their oral health. Dental technology helps us achieve this.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays use digital sensors instead of conventional photographic X-ray film. They generate intricate computer images of teeth, gums, and various oral structures and conditions. This allows your dentist to examine parts of the mouth that are not visible to the naked eye.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic X-rays enable your dentist to generate an image of your entire mouth. This is a flat representation of the teeth, upper and lower jaws, TMJ, and nasal and sinus structures. Dentists use it in treatment planning for dentures, braces, tooth extractions, and dental implants.

Dental Lasers

In dentistry, lasers (focused light beams) perform various procedures on both soft and hard tissues. They allow our dentists to carry out dental treatment with reduced discomfort and a decreased need for medical intervention. At Clayton Park Dental, our dentists use lasers to remove overgrown or decayed tissue, to reshape the gums, to harden dental restorations quickly, or to whiten teeth.

Intraoral Scanners

Intraoral scanners produce digital dental impressions, offering a convenient alternative to traditional dental impressions, which can be messy and time-consuming. Your dentist effortlessly captures digital images of your teeth within minutes using a scanning wand. This tool allows your dentist to capture accurate data to create digital replicas of the hard and soft tissues of your mouth.

Cone Beam Cat Scan

The Cone Beam Cat Scan is an X-ray machine that produces 3D images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths, and craniofacial bone in a single scan. These images aid in accurate treatment planning, including assessing your airway for snoring and sleep apnea treatment.

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